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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Savvy Shopper!

    Talking to some of my friends i realized that i need to do a post on looks for less! Lets be honest we would all love to have all the bags && shoes in the world, but then practicality sets in! Oh pooh! Don't you hate that?
    There is a solution.. Buy the bag you Absolutely can not live without, save for it. Or you can always get the look for less with the same feel as the designer bag. I am in no way shape or form promoting knock-offs! That word gives me the ickss!

Enjoy! :)

                            Zara $109
             (Perfect bag to transition into fall!)

Zara $79
(Great for a night on the town!)

Asos.com $129
(Fun brights perfect for summer
reminds of Mulberry)

Asos.com only $25.86!!
(Very Celine'ish)

 **Key is to play with fashion, enjoy it! Don't worry too much about what the hottest trend is! Feel free to obsess over what you love! Not what others are telling you to love. 


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