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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Print Fever

New York Windows from Barney's to Zara have been paying homage to Celine! All most as soon as you enter the space your hit with a strong dose of bright! Mixing and matching them is just scratching the surface.. 
    BhBhBut i have been fascinated with the Print Revolution that has been taking place this season! Smart, Sexy and chic are words never associated with prints because we tend to imagine our grandma's curtains when we think of floral. Or a hospital nurse's scrubs when you think of animals on your shirt. Nope not this summer! Imagine Whimsical, Fun,& Chic when you think of prints!!


Timo Weiland






Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Right now"

 I love jewelry and no matter the price it can make any outfit très chic!
These are the accessories (jewelry) i am currently obsessed with at the moment! You can find really good pieces you just have to look. 


Armor Ring 

 Gold cross double finger ring

Mustache ring
(vintage find!)

Vintage inspired ring

Snake spiral Ring 
(Believe it or not i found this at aldo walking around one day!)

Ear cuff

All these peices are under $20! jewelry always a easy and affordable way to spruce up a wardrobe or an outfit! Happy hunting!

Birthday Love!!

I just celebrated my birthday this past week!! I am truly thankful for all the love :)
I want to thank my best friend for coming from LA & my amazing bf for keeping mi calm through all of it! (Oh! the stress that comes from planning a dinner)
Thank god i am wise enough to know that its not the quantity of friends, it is the quality of friends that matters! To top it off i had some delicious cake & got some delectable gifts!!

                            Hermes cuff 
           (i have no idea how but the bf located the 
                   only one in the company :))

YSL ring 
(from my list! i better start on my christmas list now! )

Cake #1



P.S. I just want to double thank everyone who was there & for all the love :D, i am so appreciative! 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boys this is How you get your Dream Girl! (or boy)

Shoes are a boys best friend..

     A girl will always look down at the cute boys shoes.. No matter how dashing he is! It makes a girl instantly more attracted to you..  Its how a girl reads who you are!
     Men's trends' don't change that often but shoes, thats just a different story... Eccentricity can be expressed even in the most classic suit with your shoe boys! So if your trying to impress the girl/boy of your dreams put on your fancy shoes! 

                         Jil Sander
                       Cap Toe Blucher $525

Tod's ( It is a classic summer shoe!)
Venetian driver  $395

Pierre Hardy 
Metallic high top  $480
(Every sneaker connoisseur needs these!)

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam
Plain toe Blucher  $350

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My birthday Wishlist!!

My birthday is this Sunday (Aries baby!) and i had this great idea to post my birthday wish-list! No matter how old a girl gets she never stops dreaming! I feel like my list includes a lot of Classic staples & also some fun pieces.. Feel free to add them to your list. Lol
     Warning!! Warning!! A few of the things i will list might be a repeat from last year but no worries plenty of new things make my wish-list almost everyday :D

                         Hermes Birkin
         (Red, Orange, any will make mi a very happy girl!)

Pamela Love  $645

LuLu Frost $765 
(Glass crystal bib necklace) 

YSL Red Patent Pump $795

                      PS1 Medium Yellow $1595 

YSL  Ring $250

Linda Farrow Luxe $500

*Hint Hint!(Most of these things can be found on Net-a-porter.com, or Barneys.com)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Color blocking

I am sooo in love with these Zara Shoes!!
This is color blocking done right. I had a few people ask me about color blocking. It isn't a trend for everyone. It can go horribly wrong if you mix too many colors in one outfit. Its best to stick with two bright colors in an outfit and mix & match neutral accessories.. Remember just have fun with it!!

                           Zara.com $109

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Accessory Report

Giles & Brother

I have been beyond obsessed with Giles & brother for some time now. Their "railroad spike cuff" has been a staple accessory of mine. Here are some on my fav's from the 2011 collection...

                      Cortina leather cuff $215

Dresser Cuff  $175