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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Love!!

I just celebrated my birthday this past week!! I am truly thankful for all the love :)
I want to thank my best friend for coming from LA & my amazing bf for keeping mi calm through all of it! (Oh! the stress that comes from planning a dinner)
Thank god i am wise enough to know that its not the quantity of friends, it is the quality of friends that matters! To top it off i had some delicious cake & got some delectable gifts!!

                            Hermes cuff 
           (i have no idea how but the bf located the 
                   only one in the company :))

YSL ring 
(from my list! i better start on my christmas list now! )

Cake #1



P.S. I just want to double thank everyone who was there & for all the love :D, i am so appreciative! 


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