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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boys this is How you get your Dream Girl! (or boy)

Shoes are a boys best friend..

     A girl will always look down at the cute boys shoes.. No matter how dashing he is! It makes a girl instantly more attracted to you..  Its how a girl reads who you are!
     Men's trends' don't change that often but shoes, thats just a different story... Eccentricity can be expressed even in the most classic suit with your shoe boys! So if your trying to impress the girl/boy of your dreams put on your fancy shoes! 

                         Jil Sander
                       Cap Toe Blucher $525

Tod's ( It is a classic summer shoe!)
Venetian driver  $395

Pierre Hardy 
Metallic high top  $480
(Every sneaker connoisseur needs these!)

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam
Plain toe Blucher  $350

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