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Friday, December 9, 2011

Chanel goes Indian!

   In my last post i mentioned about the indian fashion influencing designers in the fashion world! I completely forgot to mention Uncle Karl and his latest Chanel show for which he turned the whole hotel into a Maharaja Palace! 
     This video is a treat! enjoy!

More tradtion & bling!

    I have to share some of the amazing dresses/ outfits i got to wear in india. Some were bought off the rack but two very special ones that i absolutely adore were made especially for mi.. Couture as some of us might call it! Aahhhh!
   You can not imagine the amount of time & money indian women spend every wedding season! $1500 is the going rate to have a beautiful heavy indian traditional dress made just for you & you multipy that by 3. Every season atleast 3 or 4 dresses! HOLY Shnickies!!
   Well i hope you love them as much as i do! :D

This was a caftan 
(made for mi in 

Very old school 
traditional indian garb
(in love w/this one,
made just for mi)

Made just for mi
(the detailing was so 

In recent shows i have been seeing a lot of designers using indian embroidery & indian techniques.. You can see the influence of indian fashion in the collections! 

    I absolutely have no excuse for neglecting you guys! But on the bright side i have tons of new material to post from my latest trip to india! My family loves a party and we had a few in honor of my new nephew! :D
   Here are sine if the pics from the crazy shindigs!

All the ladies in the family
Mom, Grandmom, me & my aunt

In love with this
lil guy

Awesome Ascott
(**this man is my grandpa's friend & not
only does he have an awesome mustache 
he can dress well.. p.s he was a former
general in the Indian Army!)

I love this outfit!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paris Fashion Week (Part Deux)

     As fashion week comes to a halt in Paris the weather has also cooled down. The heat wave all the fashionistas experienced has passed through. It came as unexpectedly as the mind blowing fashions & that were shown this fashion season all over the globe.
  So im super excited the share the second set of my favorites with you! ;)





**Soo much from Chanel i neeeeed to have.. This show was a powdered covered cream puff with extra cream good!! Yummmmy!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Paris Fashion Week!

   I am completely obsessed with some of the collections that were & are being shown @ PFW (Paris Fashion Week)!! Some of my favorite collections from this year include Jil Sander, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Dior & Balmain so far.. Manish Arora is also breathtaking!
Dolce & Gabanna from Milan was truly beautiful as well.. :) 
Here are some of my favs! 



**In true Dior fashion the collection 
was so light yet sexy

Rick Owens


<3<3 More to come! I will share with u some more of my fav from Milan & New York soon Loves! Au revoir!!

Thank to Style.com

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Fashion Must haves

    I was in Barney's yesterday & i-spied some fall must haves for every fashionista! This is going to burn a hole in my already empty pockets. But i would like to tell you if you ever need anything on the accessories floor call and ask for Leo (he is awesome! & as fashion obsessed as me!)
    So ladies plan well & i hope these ideas help ;p. Also point your bf's and hubby's in this direction since the holiday season is fast approaching and they will need ideas!

PS1 in tangerine                       

Lanvin furbulance!

Red Lanvin clutch

Alligator Balenciaga
(exclusively @Barney's)

Alligator Balenciaga 

Pierre Hardy leopard  

Metallic Pierre Hardy

Purple Opulence
(new italian designer)

Purple Ysl Wedge

Sparkle Loubis
Happy Fall Lovies!