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Friday, September 2, 2011

Back from the Dead!

   I know i know! what possible excuse could i have for being MIA for so long! Well i don't besides from the fact that i was in LaLa Land! (Los Angeles) spending time with my Best Friend/Twin && I was.. well enjoying whatever is left of the summer. Butt!! on the bright side i have lots of pictures and i can share some of those stories i heard along the way.
   Here are some of the pictures, more coming soon! 
                    Palm Springs (112 degrees)

Bossa Nova Brazilian food!
(This restaurant never ceases to  
                 amaze mi!! Everything is Yummay)

Santa Monica
                (This is made w/all metal by a 
                local artist. You can have it in
                your home for just $15,000)

                        Last night in La
(Dinner made by your truly && 
GrillMaster Sunday )

Arm Candy <3<3

Arm Candy/Bag candy

(Every time i bust out my Celine its 
 Love at First sight all over again!  
Im so glad i bought it in early early on 
as opposed to now that the price
 has skyrocketed!)

**Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer! <3<3

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